Everyone has a story. Some stories are filled with chapters of joy and success. For others the pages of life and marked with sorrow and disappointment. Our memoir may not be written down on paper, but it is being written as we live and move in the world. Every story matters. 

This year our emphasis in chapel is "Can I Get a Witness?" We believe that God has been writing the grand story of salvation since human beings first sinned. We also believe God is inviting us into this story. No matter the past, God will rewrite our lives with grace and mercy. As God's new story is written into each of us we are empowered to bear witness to God's amazing love!

Together we will study Scripture, we will hear the stories of special guests as well as members of our campus, and we will learn what it means to tell our story--the story of God's love, in Christ Jesus by the Holy Spirit. As God's story intersects our stories we know that we all will be changed.

Location: Chapels are held in Swayne Auditorium in the Brandt Center, unless otherwise indicated, on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 10:10—10:50 a.m.

Recordings from the last and upcoming semesters are available online (see below). Prior chapels may be available upon request. You may contact the Office of Media Technology to request chapel recordings over 6 months old: 467-8359.

Fall 2016 Chapel Recordings

Now playing: Opening Convocation - President Pearsall (Aug 31, 2016)

Date of Recording Audio
Aug 31, 2016 Opening Convocation - President Pearsall
Sep 02, 2016 Community Chapel - Chaplains Dustin & Olivia Metcalf
Sep 07, 2016 "My Story" Chapel - Micah Bournes
Sep 09, 2016 SGA Chapel - No Recording
Sep 12, 2016 Community Chapel - Speaker: Chris Clark
Sep 14, 2016 "My Story" Chapel - Todd Aebischer
Sep 16, 2016 Class Chapels - No recording
Sep 19, 2016 Community Chapel - Chaplain Olivia Metcalf
Sep 21, 2016 "My Story" Chapel - TBD
Sep 23, 2016 Campus Life Chapel - No Recording
Sep 26, 2016 Community Chapel - Chaplain Dustin Metcalf
Sep 28, 2016 "My Story" Chapel - Echo VanderWal
Sep 30, 2016 "My Story" Chapel - Alex Nsengimana