"Becoming Disciples As We Go"

D-Group leaders will lead a group in:

Learning how to follow Jesus together.  

Growing through spiritual practices.  

Journeying with one another.

Application to be a D-Group Leader can be downloaded HERE

 Two leader tracks:

  1. Serve as a D-Group leader in a specific dorm with same gendered students.  
  2. Serve as a D-Group leader to students campus wide. These groups can be made up of friends, people in your major, transfer students, etc. These groups can be mixed gender or same gender.  

Position Requirements:

· 3 hours a week volunteer commitment on average

· Attend a weekly 11am Tuesday meeting for the academic year

· Invite students to join in with your weekly D-group.

· Lead a weekly small group

· Support and encourage other D-group leaders

· Work with Office of Spiritual Formation to plan “all small group events” each semester

· Participate in spring training on Tuesday, April 28 at 7pm-8pm

· Participate in: Pre-Lead Retreat--August 16 (Begins at 8am), Lead Retreat—August 17-20, New Student Orientation---August 21-23. Freshman D-Group leaders be available for freshman retreat—September 5-7

· Find and meet with a spiritual companion/mentor during the school year at least once a month as an element of spiritual self-care.

Download D-Group Leader Application HERE

Application Due: April 16, 2014 by 5pm (Turn it in to Julene Tegerstrand)

Interviews: April 21-22

Selections Announced : April 24

 Contact Julene Tegerstrand at jtegerstrand(at) or call (208) 467-8338 for more information.


D-Groups are small groups of people who meet weekly to journey intentionally together to grow in Christ. Groups are formed of friends, people in your major, mixed gender, same gender, couples or whatever you wish!

  • Learning how to follow Jesus together.
  • Growing through spiritual practices.
  • Journeying with one another.

In the fall semester we will be experimenting with different spiritual disciplines as a way of opening ourselves to God’s activity in our lives and the world. Adele Ahlbery Calhoun’s book, Spiritual Disciplines Handbook, will be our guide on the journey as we learn how to read scripture, pray and serve others.

In the spring semester the groups will be choosing their own curriculum.

You can choose your own group leader. A few of our groups are focused on freshman. We have 2 groups focusing on married and engaged couples. The rest of the groups are open to all campus. Feel free to contact any of our leaders to find out more about them. See the Women Leaders and the Men Leaders.

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