Oscar Diaz

Freshman Leader

Hey guys!! Mi nombre es Oscar Manuel Diaz, but you can either call me Osky or Mijo for short, it’s really up to you! I am a senior here as a Christian Ministries major with a Bible Minor. If I’m not fighting crime I tend to be located at your local coffee shop skyping with the President. My goal as a D-Group leader is simple: to be transparent. I believe that we all have the potential to impact the world in a significant way, and it begins here, your freshman year of college. My goal is to challenge you, to dare you to step out of your comfort zone, and to engage with others in our community.

Richard Grindstaff

Freshman Leader

Hey guys, my name is Richard, but everyone calls me Richie. I’m a sophomore engineering major from the eastern side of the country. When it’s sunny outside, I’m usually procrastinating homework and playing ultimate Frisbee. Otherwise, I’m either doing homework or hanging out with friends. My D-group is focused on Freshman. I’m hoping we can talk about anything and grow together as a group of people instead of having to tackle life on our own.

Matthew Jacobson


Hi! My name is Matt and I am entering my junior year as a biology major with aspirations of medical school someday. I have grown up as a missionary kid in East Africa. I am constantly awestruck as I gaze at the beauty of creation, the joys of simple and good things (coffee…), and the unending complexity and depth that there is in the human experience.I am very excited for the D-Groups this year and to see what God wants to do in and through us! My hope is that through this next year we might come together in honest, authentic community and seek the life of joyful and genuine relationship with Him that is offered to us

Michael Zucker

Couples Leader

Hello everyone, my name is Michael Zucker (or just Mike) and I am a few credits from becoming a senior. I am married to Sarah and our daughter Melody will turn two in October. My wife and I are leading up a group for couples who are married, engaged, or seriously pursuing marriage. We hope to grow in our relationship with God, and each other, alongside this group

James Shepherd

All-Campus Leader

Hey Everyone! My name is James Shepherd, but many know me as Peaches. I am a senior Ministry Major, and I have the pleasure of being the Small Group Intern for the Office of Spiritual Formation. That means I help students like you get connected! I want to challenge you to get involved in a small group and build community! God is doing amazing things all the time. Are you willing to be apart of what He is doing? If you need help finding a group or even want to form a new group, I’d love to talk to you.