Spiritual Formation opportunities happen in a variety of ways and places across the NNU campus.

Chapel is held in the Swayne Auditorium Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 10:10am-10:50am and is Live Streamed on Wednesday and Friday

Praxis is a discussion based topics gathering that helps us to put our faith into action. This event happens on periodic Monday evenings throughout the semester in a variety of locations that make dialogue possible.

Around the Table: Discipleship and Diversity is the theme for Spiritual Life this year. There is something special that can happen when we sit down at a table with others. When we are willing to practice hospitality, really listen to one another, and to be shaped by the presence of Jesus Christ in our lives the table is a place of immense growth and love. As we explore the table themes in the Gospel of Luke and other places throughout the Bible we will be learning what it means to be around Christ’s table as well as what it means to make room for others to join us there. The theme is meant to strengthen our community, both on the campus and around the world, as learn more about what it means to follow Jesus.

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