Audie Allbert

Freshman Leader

Hi my name is Audie. My absolute favorite activity is to hang out with people whether it is driving around or sitting down for a nice cup of cocoa; I love to chill with friends. I am so excited to be a D-Group leader in the upcoming year and to be able to share life with the girls who will be in my group. I’m not a super Christian I’m just normal silly Audie and God is my father and friend. I try to keep things honest and simple in my relationship with Him.

Genesis Cruz


I’ve been on this crazy journey called university for two years and in that time I’ve grown more passionate about God and the wonderful NNU community. Besides the social fun, close friends and great professors, you will soon see that your time with God and other believers is one of the most vital aspects that makes this journey unforgettable. As a D-group Leader, I hope to be a part of that journey and walk along side of you through the fun and not-so-fun times and make amazing memories along the way.

Lindee Triplett

Freshman Leader

Hey girls! My name is Lindee and I am so excited to experience this next year with you! I’m usually studying, baking cookies, or running when I have time! This year, I am leading a D-group for any freshman girl that is wanting to grow, learn and connect with God! Over the course of the year, my dream is that our small group will grow to become a close-knit group focused on growing with the Lord and growing as sisters.

Rebekah Luplow

Freshman Leader

Hello! I’m Rebekah, and I am so looking forward to all that we will experience together during your first year at NNU. When I have spare time, I love to explore the outdoors hiking or riding my bike, but I also love to just cozy up and read a good book. I hope that this year we can journey, grow, laugh, and ask questions together in this small group. I look forward to learning with you as we seek God on a deeper and richer level. All freshman are welcome, even if you’re seeking God for the first time!

Allison Christy

All-Campus Leader

Greetings! My name is Allison and the only thing I love more than coffee and aliens is Jesus. I am a firm believer that all individuals can pursue a relationship with God in their own distinct way, and my goal with D-Group is to create an open environment where everyone can feel comfortable (preferably at a Starbucks). I look forward to meeting people of all sorts and figuring out how to apply God’s word in a way that fits each of our own unique situations.

Amina Chinell-Mateen
All-Campus Leader

Hey there, I’m Amina Chinnell-Mateen! And I'm a Senior Christian Ministry Major. I’m super excited to journey with a D-group this year. You can usually find me on campus hanging out, doing homework, or working in the Dex! What I look forward to from D Group this next school year is growth. Not just with you guys and God, but with I want to grow alongside you.

 Kaylee Tilford 
Campus Leader

Hey everyone, my name is Kaylee (Gerdes) Tilford and I am a Junior Youth Ministry Majory with a Minor in Missions. I married my husband, Thomas Tilford, in August. I love building relationships with others on the foundation of the Bible, and I am so excited to lead this D- Group for couples for the year 2014-15. My husband and I will be leading a group for dating, engaged, and/or married couples.