Prayer and Worship

NNU is a community committed to prayer.  Over 1000 persons have committed to pray regularly for the needs and concerns of NNU students, faculty, and staff. Prayer requests can be sent to Partners in Prayer.

There will be regular opportunities for prayer in chapel and other group settings during the semester.  In addition the "Lucile Little Prayer Chapel," located near the center of campus, is open for all members of the university community to find a quiet place of reflection and communion with God.


Life at NNU is not just about "getting somewhere," it is about getting somewhere together.  Chapel at NNU provides the opportunity for shared worship, challenge, and growth.  Students, faculty, and staff gather each Monday morning for Community Chapel.  These chapels include an opportunity to worship corporately, hear stories of faith, and to be challenged by a message from our University Chaplain.  While we value our heritage as a part of the Church of the Nazarene, we recognize that our community is made up of persons from a wide variety of religious traditions.  Chapels are designed to reflect and respect these varied traditions.

Wednesday and Friday chapel services focus on issues relevant to our students' spiritual, academic, and social growth.  Student praise teams lead energetic worship and a variety of speakers cover a wide range of topics and current issues.

Because of our commitment to life in community, students are expected to attend approximately two-thirds of the chapel programs offered during a semester.  Detailed information regarding NNU's chapel attendance policy can be found in the Student Handbook.

Listen to Chapel Recordings

Mid-Week Student Lead Service

The goal of our Mid-Week Student Lead Service, called Timeout, is to see God work in the hearts and lives of students. Timeout provides a safe place where students from all walks of life can encounter God and respond by loving God and loving people.

The Break Down:

  • WORSHIP: Each service begins with music designed to engage hearts, minds and voices in praising our Awesome Creator.
  • TRUTH: Each week a student shares a message at Timeout.  Through sharing what God's lessons and challenges, students learn from one another and lift each other up.  Many times students share their testimonies while others dig into issues relevant to Christian college students. 
  • COMMUNITY: Timeout provides a time to fellowship and connect with other students.  Simply relating to the lives and spiritual walks of peers is the first step toward leading others to a relationship with God and people.